Month: February 2011

Mics Off! The Podcast Lost Episodes

Listen in as the most recent podcast team talk “off mic” about several topics that came to the surface during taping. A preview of what’s to come – enjoy!

15 Minute Break: Interracial Dating

Listen in as the Black Is family discusses the topic of interracial dating.

Black Is Podcasts on iTunes!

Folks, we are happy to announce that you can now download your favorite 10 Minute Break podcasts on iTunes! Visit the Sickly Cat iTunes page and find your favorite Black Is convos and share them with family and friends!

Stay tuned in for more to come!

10 Minute Break: Black Men Speak!

The brothers of Black Is speak on parenting, discipline, and the challenges of raising children.

10-Minute Break: Are Monogamy & Marriage Flying Out The Window?

Is monogamy a practice of the past? If so, what’s next for the institution of marriage?