Month: September 2014

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – The Captain

Chris & Jonathan look at Week 4 in the NFL, Eric Bledsoe’s max contract, Derek Jeter’s final home game and more in the Sports Happy Hour!

The Break – Zero Tolerance For Abuse

KC and the family, along with the Welcome 2 The Village crew, touch on topics related to the abuse issues brought into the forefront by the NFL.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – Reactive Not Proactive

The Brothers Lehman discuss Roger Goddell’s press conference, paid leave as the new punishment, Jameis Winston lacking maturity and more in the Sports Happy Hour!

The Jam! Ep 12 w/ Val the Vandle

In this episode of The Jam! Merc80 sits down with DJ Val the Vandle!

The Break – Saving It (Throwback)

In this throwback episode of The Break, KC and the family discuss celibacy and the power of sex during dating.

Turn My Headphones Up – No.3

It’s time for another episode of Turn My Headphones Up, where it’s all about the music!

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – The Shield Is Dented

Chris & Jonathan are joined by KJ to discuss Week 2 in the NFL, Ray Rice getting the boot, Adrian Peterson whupping his kid excessively, the offensive comments from the Atlanta Hawks orgnization and more!

The Break – Bye Jesse

KC and the crew wrap up their Fergsuon conversation, discussing police violence happening to everyone, Don Lemon vs Talib Kweli, and Jesse Jackson’s time as leader coming to an end.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – Hello Football

In this episode the Brothers Lehman discuss the Seahawks dominating Green Bay, Michae Sam makes a practice squad, changes to NFL violations and more!

The Break – A Weaponized Police Force

KC and the crew discuss President Obama’s response to black issues, weaponizing police, and “black on black crime” being a separate issue.