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The Brown Girl Hour with T & KC!
March 19, 2014, 3 Comments

Listen in as T & KC chat about why black men still date black women, true friends, and BET's hit series, Being Mary Jane ...

Introducing…The Brown Girl Hour with KC & T!
February 4, 2014, 1 Comment

Listen in to a NEW podcast series - The Brown Girl Hour - with KC and Toria!

The Break – 2013 Reflections & Kanye West
December 30, 2013, 2 Comments

In this episode KC & Chris look back at the year 2013 for Black Is and thank those of you helped make it a great year. T ...

The Break: 40 Acres and a Mule – THROWBACK!
December 20, 2013, 1 Comment

Some of the family's finest! Listen in to this THROWBACK episode of the Black Is Break as KC and the family discuss what ...

No Rewards
August 22, 2013, Comments Off

Are you in business for the work or the rewards? Check out this guest post from and his question to music art ...

The Weekend Round Up (PODCAST)
August 16, 2013, 1 Comment

Check out a NEW podcast segment from the Black Is Fam - The Weekend Round Up!

15 Minute Break + John Wood’s “Saving Trayvon Martin”
July 22, 2013, Comments Off

Listen in to a 15-Minute Break episode about the speech on race from the POTUS + John Wood's tribute to Trayvon Martin.

No Justice, No Sleep Call Happening Now
July 14, 2013, Comments Off

No Justice No Sleep Call Happening Now - Justice For Trayvon!

Black America Flag map
Three Terms Hindering Africa America’s Institutional Development: Affirmative Action, Diversity, & Minority
June 25, 2013, 18 Comments

Have affirmative action, minority and diversity hindered the development of the Black community?

No Breaks: Reality of a College Student
June 13, 2013, Comments Off

In today's tough job market, can college students afford to take breaks?