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The Break – Struggling With Identity
May 22, 2015, No Comments

The Black Is crew continue their discussion around transgenderism, touching on where your identity lies, and how it is a ...

The Break – Gender vs Sexuality
May 15, 2015, No Comments

The Black Is crew discuss the Bruce Jenner interview, transgenderism, separating gender and sexuality, fluid gender role ...

The Break – Constructs of Beauty
April 24, 2015, No Comments

The Black Is crew discuss some listener feedback regarding the issues of color. We get into blacks being hyper defensive ...

The Break – Teenage Responsibility
April 10, 2015, No Comments

The Black Is crew have a conversation about the responsibility of teenagers, society's moral compass, and the idea of a ...

The Break – Street Harassment
April 3, 2015, No Comments

The ladies of the #BlackIs crew discuss street harassment, is flirting still allowed, the fear of rejection and more in ...

The Break – Slut Shaming
March 28, 2015, No Comments

The Black Is crew discuss slut shaming, women owning their sex, promiscuity and more in this episode of The Break. Email ...

The Break – Saving It (Throwback)
September 19, 2014, No Comments

In this throwback episode of The Break, KC and the family discuss celibacy and the power of sex during dating.

The Break – Sexual Satisfaction
April 4, 2014, Comments Off

KC and the Black Is crew discuss whether your partner is responsible for your sexual satisfaction.

The Break (Throwback)
October 11, 2013, 1 Comment

Check out this week's THROWBACK episode! Sit back and listen as KC and the fam discuss having platonic relationships wit ...

The Break: Racial Slurs in Bed (PODCAST-NSFW)
April 26, 2013, 3 Comments

If you are dating interracially, does that give your significant other a racial slur pass?