Month: April 2014

The Jam: Geoff Gillis

Listen in to this week’s episode of The Jam, featuring marketing guru, Geoff Gillis.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – Should We Be Surprised

Chris & Jonathan are back with a lot to talk about, including NBA Playoffs, Donald Sterling’s latest comments, D’Antoni returning, no cheating skills, a year for weed and more!

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – NBA Season Preview (Replay)

We replay our NBA season preview and find out how close and how off our predictions were.

The Break – We Stay Mad (Throwback)

In this throwback episode of The Break, KC and the family discuss how the Black community can be its own worst enemy in our practice of openly criticizing each other.

Culture Connection – Interview w/ Morgan Rhodes (Throwback)

In this throwback episode of Culture Connection, Brother Malcolm chats with DJ and music programmer, Morgan Rhodes, host of KPFK’s The Listening Station.

The Jam w/ Merc80 – Special Guest Desmond Marzette (Replay)

This week we look back at the first episode of The Jam with special guest Desmond Marzette.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – Yes To Paternity Leave

Chris & Jonathan discuss Calipari leaving for the Lakers, Pacers slumping, paternity leave and more in the Sports Happy Hour.

The Break – Swervin’ On The Word

KC and the Black Is crew discuss gospel remixes of secular songs

Culture Connection – My Time at Center Theatre Group

Brother Malcolm talks about his years at the Center Theatre Group and what’s next for him.

The Brown Girl Hour: We Love You, Byron Grey

In this episode of The Brown Girl Hour T & KC are all laughs responding to listener feedback!