15 Minute Break + John Wood’s “Saving Trayvon Martin”

Listen in to a 15-Minute Break episode about the speech on race from the POTUS + John Wood’s tribute to Trayvon Martin.

The Break: Obama’s Still President – Now What? (PODCAST)

Listen in as KC and the family discuss their final thoughts on this year’s election results.


Listen in as the podcast table heats up in this fourth installment of our “Journey to the Election” series!

The Break: Journey to the Election, Part II (PODCAST)

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The Break: Journey to the Election Part 1 (PODCAST)

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Culture Connection: Arts in the 2012 Election

Listen in as Brother Malcolm challenges us to consider the platforms of both presendential candidates as it pertains to their stance on government funding of arts programs.

PODCAST: Obama Supports Gay Marriage

It’s the battle of the Johns in this special edition 15-Minute Break!

A Chat With Hill Harper

Listen in as KC chats with actor, author, and activist Hill Harper.

PODCAST – Obama 2012: What Do We Think of Him Now?

Join KC and the family as they discuss President Obama and his chances for reelection in 2012.