The Podcaster’s Roundtable – Fatherhood

This is a special podcaster’s roundtable. Chris is joined by Mr. Moody (@mrmoodyshood) from Mr. Moody’s Neighborhood, Big B (@InDeepShowB) from the In Deep Show, KJ (@NLightNMyMind) from Welcome 2 The Village, and Rock (@betahadji) & Fiq Blerdman (@Fiq_Blerdman) from the Black Astronauts to give fatherhood tips and advice to fellow Black Astronaut and new father Aaron Bee (@Ashy3classy). We discuss handling all the pressure, the image of black fathers, staying sane, why Google is the devil, discipline, your relationship with your wife, the labor process and more!

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Aaron Bee, Rock and Fiq Blerdman from The Black Astronauts podcast.

Mr. Moody (@mrmoodyshood) from Mr. Moody’s Neighborhood.

Big B (@InDeepShowB) from the In Deep Show.

KJ (@NLightNMyMind) from Welcome 2 The Village.

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