The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

I was pleasantly surprised when Chris ┬áintroduced me to a webisode series entitled The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl. This series had us in stitches as we followed the protagonist, J, a black girl who secretly writes hardcore rhymes to help cope with the awkward situations she’s confronted with and her overall awkwardness. The series exposes a simple truth: we are all awkward and often employ comical devises to deal with our discomfort. By the time I finished the seventh episode, I was clamoring for more but found myself at a dead end, as the series comes to a halt before the storyline is completed.

This void led me to do some research.  I discovered that the creator, Issa Rae, had recently launched a successful campaign to raise more funding to continue the series. I was all too happy to receive that information, albeit a little late, but realized I had to tell everyone I knew about this show. How often had I gotten into tired conversations about the lack of good Black programming on television these days? Thank goodness for the Internet!

I wanted to know more about this series and decided to reach out to Issa Rae, and learn more about the woman behind the show. Listen in to a conversation we had about how and why she started the show, what’s next for her viewers, and other projects she has in store in the near future.

After listening, get hooked on the show itself like I did! Check out episode #1 below and the rest of the series here. Trust me – you will tell a friend. Enjoy!

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