15 Minute Break! Nip & Tuck: A White Thing or Right Thing?

Listen in to a round table discussion as KC and the family discuss the real deal with platonic relationships and keeping boundaries clear. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Mr. & Mrs. CEODJ A-ski, Toria Williams, Nabil Stevens, Inglewood Trizz, Darius Gray, and Obi Obijiaku.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast runs long – too good of a conversation to cut short. Enjoy!



One Reply to “15 Minute Break! Nip & Tuck: A White Thing or Right Thing?”

  1. I 1000% agree with A-ski, in that “your life is the shining example of what beauty is” (im gonna keep that quote). There is no 1 set beauty standard that can appeal to all people, somebody is not going to appeal to your look. I think people who get surgery are attempting increase there appeal to higher populations of people, but you never know how the shift in “appeal demographics” will change.
    I also agree with A-ski in that, you should not tell anybody what looks good- It goes BOTH ways. If somebody wants to change themselves, as long as they dont tell me my features are now wrong or ugly, I have no problems with people getting surgery. However, people get that impression that diversity & respect is lost when someone changes themselves.

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