Black Is… What I Say it Is.

Black is a part of my culture. I am multiracial; both my parents are mixed with black. Mom is black, white and hispanic. Dad is black and white. According to the “One-drop Rule” embedded in our psyche during times of slavery, I am black. These genetics make up my race, and my race is one aspect of my culture. The fact that I have family reunions, enjoy fried chicken and drive with my music bumpin’ has less to do with the color of my skin than it does my cultural experiences. My culture is also defined by my age, family, spirituality, geography, gender and economic status.

Certain people assume that if you are black then you look, think and behave like all other people that look like you. Due to a lack of education, people of all races begin to believe these stereotypes and perpetuate them. There’s an old saying that goes “if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything.” People who are not grounded in culture are more likely to buy into the medias depiction of what Black Is.

Black Is a site dedicated to the black experience. We are all black and our perspectives are unique to our experiences. We are from different generations, religions, genders and family backgrounds yet we also have similarities. No sole entity can define what Black Is; you decide what black is to you. Sources like BET, Bossip and other national publications do nothing more than brainwash people into believing what black is to them. My hope is to replace the medias depiction of what Black Is by showcasing the black experience is so much more than poppin’ bottles and booty. Black Is a devoted wife and mother. Black Is a struggling college student. Black Is a loving father. Black Is an aspiring musician. Black Is what I say it is.

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  1. I love the last paragraph. Sources like BET and Bossip should be ashamed of themselves specifically BET thinking that all the negative they show through the week is OK because they dedicate every Sunday to gospel. So black people do all these things through the week shown in movies like Baby Boy and it’s all good because we go to church on Sunday? BET has fallen so deep into a world of negativity that I couldn’t even tell you what channel it is on my TV. Things need to change no just with BET but Bossip and also rappers because they are who children look up to and wish to become.

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