The Break – Empire (Cookie And Them)

In this episode KC, Chris, Toria, Tash, Darius, John, The Other Chris and Jamie (and Isley) discuss the new hit television drama Empire, including the story line and its characters. The crew also touch on the reality show Sorority Sisters.

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2 Replies to “The Break – Empire (Cookie And Them)”

  1. Excellent commentary.

    I like Cookie and the middle son the most because I can relate to them.

    Cookie, quick witted, quick tongue. Toria is right, I love that she says what we all think.

    The middle son is kinda hard though, I like that they didn’t make him soft because he is gay. Quiet confidence and assurance.

    I disagree though about the music, middle sons music is right up my alley. So I will be copping that album once it comes out.

    The gay twist with Tianna was good too.

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