LA EVENTS: NYE 2013 Alternatives

LA Babies, usually at this time of year there is one incomparable body rock going down that we help promote, but this year our favorites are taking a break. Furthermore, with so much tragedy in recent weeks it seems like most people are keeping celebrations close to home with family and friends. Finally, we are having a true winter for Angelenos – rain whenever and wherever – and most of us are trying to stave off colds or get over one. With that said, consider these alternative New Year’s celebration ideas:

Top Chef (in the family): Invite family and friends over with each bringing their “signature” dish for the holidays. Lay out dishes anonymously and let guests vote for their favorites. This event can be themed (i.e. mac and cheese battle, desserts only, etc.). Hand out candy cane awards to all participants!

Hot Toddy Party: This event might require folks to bring sleeping bags. Have family and friends brew up their special warm drink concoctions of the holidays including spiked cider, adult hot chocolate, coffee-based cocktails, etc. Serve with small bites and sweet treats!

Movie Marathon: Didn’t make it to the theater as much as you intended to this year? Work together with family and friends to get the 2012 blockbusters that are now on DVD (or streaming) and host a movie marathon! Break out that Xmas tin of three-flavored popcorn, or have a selection of the microwave variety on hand! Take advantage of Christmas candy on sale and have your own concession stand going. Got kids? Play family-friendly films early in the day and save the adult content for the evening!

Happy Holidays!