15 Minute Break: The Truth About Platonic Relationships

Listen in to a round table discussion as KC and the family discuss the real deal with platonic relationships and keeping boundaries clear. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Mr. & Mrs. CEODJ A-ski, Dwann Cutler, Toria Williams, Nabil Stevens, Stacee Brewer, Leisha Mack, Inglewood Trizz, Greta Moore, and Obi Obijiaku.


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  1. “Precious can just jump out there and be like whats poppin”— ha ha too too funny! I try to have platonic relationships, I would like to have them, but the guys I’ve met always turn it into dating thing. I guess if they do ask you out, one must request that the friendship be maintained. But after that conversation and the person keeps on pushing, I avoid conversation/contact all together.

    1. Wow, I love, love, love, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes! I grew up on this and the music definitely mreinds me of a more carefree time of life, like blue lights in the basement (sometimes red lights) and incense! Actual albums, 8 tracks, and reel to reels, my mom had all the good stuff and made me the music lover I am today!My favorite songs from them are:”Hope That We Can Be Together Soon” “Don’t Leave Me This Way””You Know How To Make Me” and “Yesterday I Had The Blues” This is from a time when music was really music, it had meaning, it was about love and relationships!Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  2. I know this is an older post but felt this would be relevant to the post.

    You should check out the current postcast from Boise State University’s Beyond the Blue program (where I happen to have graduated from and now work with). Beyond the Blue is a program that highlights the educational innovation to come from the university.

    The current podcast is about the dynamics of a male-female relationship and the different stages it goes through. It’s a nice analytical look at a platonic relationship.

    Beyond the Blue can be found at http://beyondtheblue.boisestate.edu

    1. Thanks for the response kclehman. Did you have a chance to listen to it? Beyond the Blue changes their featured podcast every Monday. This week’s feature is about the modern family and politics. While not directly related to platonic relationships, it’s still pretty interesting.

    2. Hey Taylor-

      I missed the one you suggested but listened to the most recent one on marriage. Interesting podcast. I will continue to tune in. Thanks again!

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