Welcome 2 The Village

The Break – Ethnic Names

The Black Is crew, along with KJ & Lady J of the Welcome 2 The Village podcast, talk about ethnic names and things that go into naming your child.

The Break – Inappropriate Social Media Behavior

KC and the crew, along with KJ and Lady J from Welcome 2 The Village, discuss inappropriate social media behavior and give some of their pet peeves.

The Break – To Hit Or Not To Hit

KC and the Black Is crew, along with our Welcome 2 The Village family, discuss discipling our children, how much is too much, and talking to other parents about discipline in public settings.

The Break – Makeup Transformations

We wrap up our convo with KJ and Lady J discussing the makeup transformation videos and unnecessary makeup choices.

The Break – Music & Image w/ The Village

KC and Chris are joined by KJ and Lady J from the Welcome 2 The Village podcast as they discuss celebrity relationships, the change in R&B, images in music and more!

The Podcaster’s Roundtable – Fatherhood

This podcaster’s roundtable is all about fatherhood, featuring men from Black Is, the Black Astronauts, Mr. Moody’s Neighborhood, the In Deep Show, and Welcome 2 The Village.