The Break – Hot Dogs & Netflix

In this episode the Black Is crew discuss whether dinner and a movie is a real date, when should a woman pay, the messages being fed to women on interacting with men, power in sexuality, and more. Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Facebook: Black Is Magazine; Email: kc@blackisonline.com; Hotline: (323) 455-4219.

The Break – Slut Shaming

The Black Is crew discuss slut shaming, women owning their sex, promiscuity and more in this episode of The Break. Email – kc@blackisonline.com; Twitter – @BLACKISONLINE; Hotline – (323)455-4219.

The Break: What Determines the Influence of a Church (Part II)

Listen in as KC and the family continue their discussion on how size, money, worship practices and entertainment impact the influence a church has within its community.