The Lion & The Ram – Family Life

KC and Chris jump on the mics to discuss the status of The Break, being grown, Kendrick Lamar and Miley Cyrus. Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Email:; Voicemail: (323) 455-4219.

The Break – Raising A Daughter

The ladies of the crew discuss the impact of their fathers and Chris discusses feedback about things to share with your daughters.

The Brown Girl Hour with T & KC: The Only Child – Pt. 2

Listen in as T & KC wrap their conversation about being only children with Letitia from The Pisces Life!

PODCAST: Saving It

Can practicing celibacy help you snag a mate?

15 Minute Break! SisterWives: How Many Of Us Are Them?

Listen in to a round table discussion as KC and the family discuss man-sharing in the Black community. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Toria Williams, Nabil Stevens, Stacee Brewer, and Dwann Cutler.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast runs long – too good of a conversation to cut short. Enjoy!


10 Minute Break: Black Men Speak!

The brothers of Black Is speak on parenting, discipline, and the challenges of raising children.