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The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – Preferred Kind of Passion

Chris & Jonathan discuss Week 11 in the NFL, Tony Romo falls on the sword, LeBron James loses respect for Phil Jackson, the preferred kind of passion and more. Email – thebrotherslehman@gmail.com; Twitter – @BrothersLehman; Voicemail – (323) 455-4219.

The Break – Our History In Film

The Black Is crew continue their conversation on the Academy Awards, discuss Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson, the shame of black history in film, and giving different perspectives. Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Facebook: Black Is Magazine; Email: kc@blackisonline.com; Voicemail: (323) 455-4219.

The Break – Teenage Responsibility

The Black Is crew have a conversation about the responsibility of teenagers, society’s moral compass, and the idea of a teenager being a modern construct. Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Email: kc@blackisonline.com; Hotline: (323) 455-4219.