Love & Relationships

PODCAST: Dickmatized

How important is sex in a relationship?

PODCAST: Mics Off!

Listen in to a Black Is exclusive – an unedited, “Mics Off” podcast session.

PODCAST: Saving It

Can practicing celibacy help you snag a mate?

PODCAST: Is the term ‘biracial’ offensive?

Join KC and the family as they discuss the term “biracial” and its impact, if any, on the Black community.

15 Minute Break: Black Women Speak!

Listen in to the first installment of Join KC and the ladies as they discuss the qualities that make a man marriage material.

15 Minute Break: Do Black Men and Women Still Like Each Other?

Listen in to a round table discussion as KC and the family attempt to unpack the question, “Do Black Men and Women Still Like Each Other?”

10-Minute Break: Are Monogamy & Marriage Flying Out The Window?

Is monogamy a practice of the past? If so, what’s next for the institution of marriage?

10 Minute Break: Black Men Speak!

Listen in to a special edition of the 10 Minute Break! Black Men Speak about the Claire Huxtable prototype and the qualities a woman possesses that makes her a wife. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Tash Moseley, Ahshawn James (Mr. CEO), Yohance Serrant of,  Aaron Wilson, and Troy Moore.