The Break – Is Romance Still Alive (Throwback)

In this throwback episode KC asks the men about romance and if it still exists. Please leave your comments and feedback below, or you can contact us via Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Facebook: Black Is Magazine; Email:; Hotline: (323) 455-4219.

The Break – Hot Dogs & Netflix

In this episode the Black Is crew discuss whether dinner and a movie is a real date, when should a woman pay, the messages being fed to women on interacting with men, power in sexuality, and more. Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Facebook: Black Is Magazine; Email:; Hotline: (323) 455-4219.

The Break – Constructs of Beauty

The Black Is crew discuss some listener feedback regarding the issues of color. We get into blacks being hyper defensive, self hatred going both ways, dating based on preferences, body types and more. Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Email:; Hotline: (323) 455-4219.

The Break – Saving It (Throwback)

In this throwback episode of The Break, KC and the family discuss celibacy and the power of sex during dating.

The Brown Girl Hour: We Love You, Byron Grey

In this episode of The Brown Girl Hour T & KC are all laughs responding to listener feedback!

The Break: Is Chivalry Dead…in Los Angeles? (PODCAST)

Listen in as KC and the family chat about whether or not chivalry is dead in Los Angeles.

The Break (Throwback)

Check out this week’s THROWBACK episode! Sit back and listen as KC and the fam discuss having platonic relationships with the opposite sex.

The Break: Do Nice Guys Finish Last? (PODCAST)

Check out our first (of many to come) listener feedback podcast!

The Break: Dating While Smart (PODCAST)

Is an educated Black women short on options when it comes to dating Black men?

Shhh….What Conversations Can’t You Have With Your Spouse? (PODCAST)

Check out a special podcast episode, featuring Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips podcast!