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The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – Everybody’s Getting Paid

In this episode Chris & Jonathan discuss the past two weeks of NBA free agency, hand injuries from fireworks, Florida State players charged with battery and more! Email – thebrotherslehman@gmail.com; Twitter – @BrothersLehman; Voicemail – (323) 455-4219.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

In this episode we discuss the Spurs/Heat series going into Game 3, the constant LeBron James/Michael Jordan comparisons, George Karl and Lionel Hollins available, Jason Kidd jumping from retired player to possibly head coaching, teams fined for tampering, Tebow circus moves to New England, Chad Johnson gets the WTF moment and Terrell Owens talking retirement. Contact us: Email – thebrotherslehman@gmail.com; Twitter – @BrothersLehman; Hotline – (323) 455-4219 Music: FORCES OF NATURE – Set It Off; Def Squad – Check ‘N’ Me Out

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

In this episode we get into the second round of the NBA Playoffs. We discuss all four matchups, the X-factors and predict the outcomes. For questions and comments: Email: thebrotherslehman@gmail.com; Twitter: @BrothersLehman; HH Hotline: (323) 455-4219 Music: Tall Black Guy – 101 Speed