The Break – Hot Dogs & Netflix

In this episode KC, Chris, Toria, Tash, Leisha, Shelby and The Other Chris discuss whether dinner and a movie is a real date, being creative with dates, and when should a woman pay. Then the group gets into women having power, the messages being fed to women on interacting with men, abortion, power in sexuality, and matching your selection.

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The Break – Slut Shaming

In this episode of The Break KC, Toria, Leisha, Helena and Chris discuss the slut shaming going on between Amber Rose and the Kardashians, women owning their sex, promiscuity, power in lust and more.

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The Break: What Determines the Influence of a Church (Part II)

Listen in as KC and the family continue their discussion on how size, money, worship practices and entertainment impact the influence a church has within its community. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Toria Williams, Malcolm Darrell, John Wood, and special guest, Sean Hill.

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Twitter Power!

The black web 2.0, came up with two list, 100 most Powerful Black Women & 100 most Powerful Black Men, on Twitter. I got all excited, thinking how this will connect me with more influential African American men and women that I may not have known, had a twitter account. The lists, somewhat suprised me, to say the least. And made me ask the question: How do we define “Power” in this day and age.

Here are both list for your viewing pleasure: Women & Men.

You be the judge!

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