The Break – A Weaponized Police Force

KC, Chris, Tash, Leisha, Carmen, Paul, Shelby and Jamie continue their discussion, getting into President Obama’s response to Ferguson and black issues, weaponizing state and local police, and “black on black crime” being a separate issue.

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The Break: Mics Off!

In this Mics Off! edition of The Break, we discuss random topics including, Obama helping the black community, violence in Chicago, black on black crime, taking responsibility, and hoodrats getting tazered.

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PODCAST – Safe: The Perception Of Black Men

Listen in to KC and the family’s treatment of the Trayvon Martin case as they discuss what children (boys specifically) should learn about the perception of being Black in America. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Toria Williams, Malcolm Darrell, John Wood, and Darius Gray.

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