Introducing…The Black Is 10-Minute Break!

Thanks for joining us for our first podcast session, The Black Is 10-Minute Break! Listen in as KC Lehman discusses the effects of labeling one’s business as “Black”. Guest commentators for this show are BI contributors, Je Lewis and Shaina Michelle. Special guests are John Byrd III, Editor-in-chief of Sickly Cat Magazine, and Tash Moseley, talent manager and film producer.


DJ A-ski is a brother whose name you hear around here frequently. He is a friend and a great Los Angeles born and bred DJ whose events we publicize as often as possible. A-ski is not only a DJ, but a music historian, and his blog UNIQUE 74 is always packed with good music musings, amazing downloads, interviews and info about his upcoming events. Most recently, A-ski sat with Foreign Exchange members Phonte and Nicolay for an exclusive interview about their recent Grammy nomination and what the future holds for them in this music game.

While you are in A-ski’s world, don’t miss his podcast, Dirty Milk Radio. It’s an eargasm experience.


If you caught the first two installments of Merc’s interview with Miss Jack Davey, catch the final one here. This time he gets Miss Davey to open up about everybody;s favorite subject: sex. Also, read his Letter to M. Night Shyamalan. Merc has some strong opinions about his latest film, The Last Airbender.

The crew of is back at us with another podcast, The Weekly Round Up, where they discuss and give their opinions on this past week’s newsworthy stories. Sounds like is going to be a regular podcast, so stay tuned for more!

BLACKis ONLINE: Sickly Cat

Bookmark this site immediately. was brought to my attention by John Byrd and Dr. Wayne Byrd, two brothers I attended both junior high school and church with.  The site offers plenty of good information, but what I love most are the podcasts they offer in the Lifestyle section.

Chris and I listened to “Top Ten Things Men Say is not Cheating” , and it sparked laughs and good convo. Check it out, chime in, and move on to Part II.

Furthermore, let us know whether you agree or disagree with the men and women of Sickly Cat? What qualifies as cheating? What doesn’t?

BLACKis ONLINE: Cookin Soul

Alright y’all, as you know one of the most anticipated albums dropped last Tuesday. That album was Drake’s Thank Me Later. After dealing with a leak two weeks prior and so-so reviews of the album, Drake is still set to sell between 425-475K in his first week. Not bad for a kid from Toronto, who you either love or hate. I, for one thinks he has talent, but talent alone does not always produce a great product.

I stumbled upon a website called Cookin Soul that linked up with Don Cannon of DJ Drama fame and remixed the album.  Some songs have added vocals from the late, great 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G., along with current artists like Jay-z, Alicia Keys, and Lil Wayne.  They also took the liberty of remixing some tracks with live instruments to give songs a new twist and added flavor. So for those fans who were disappointed in the original album, this might be more your speed.

The site is also a resource for mash ups and remix albums such as Big Dilla, a compilation of J Dilla and Big Pun and The Red Album, a series of mash ups between Jay-Z and Game.  There are also tribute albums to Michael Jackson and Teddy Pendergrass.

So check out Cookin Soul and see what’s cookin’.