The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour – No Leverage

In this episode Chris and Jonathan discuss post-game Super Bowl talk, players’ market value, the elite quarterbacks, should the Texans take Johnny Football, Incognotio not all bad, Pittsburgh wants to host the Super Bowl, NBA All Star weekend preview, Paul George getting his side piece pregnant, LeBron is fouled too hard, Cavs fire their GM, Mike Woodson close to getting the pink slip, and the Lakers have no leverage.

Music: J Dilla – Say It (Instrumental); Common feat. Slum Village – Thelonius

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The Break w/ The Lion & The Ram – Leave The H Alone

In this episode KC and Chris discuss Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death, George Zimmerman’s boxing match, motorcycle cops, school serving fried chicken for black history month, and happy birthday J Dilla.

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Introducing…The Brown Girl Hour with KC & T!

Listen in as KC and Toria bring you a new podcast series – The Brown Girl Hour – a podcast between sista friends! In this first episode, KC and Toria discuss New Year promises, friendship between women, hormones, and accepting good treatment from men.


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The Break: REALITY Check! (Double Episode)

In this episode of The Break, the family tackles two reality show stars and their public perceptions. First up is a chat with KC and Mr. Moody about Evelyn Lozado’s recent engagement and whether or not she continues to “win” in her relationships. Lastly, there’s the roundtable analyzing Kandi Burruss, her mother, and asking the question, “When do you create boundaries between yourself and your parents?


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A New Year Promise

Our friend, Toria, sent an email out to her sister friends this week speaking of the promises – not resolutions – that she is making to herself this year. Her thoughts were with me as I set out to write this morning.

So often we start a new year off with resolutions to ourselves that we do not keep. It is often a matter of trying to continue or conclude unfinished business: weight loss goals, career goals, repairs around the house, more diligence with our finances, etc. But instead of resolving to stay committed to those things that, quite frankly, should be routine or are just a part of life’s journey I asked myself how often have I made a promise to commit to things that really fulfilled my spirit?

Chris returns to work this morning after a two-week break, and while I’m sad to see him go back I am also invigorated by the time we have spent together. We had more hours of cuddling, late-night talks and quality time with our son in the last two weeks than we had throughout the entirety of 2013, and I awakened this morning feeling fulfilled and determined to bring our lives to a place where that experience occurs more frequently than once a year.

Yes, I willl continue on my own health and career trajectories, and yes there are still many projects in our home that I would like to tackle. Finances are always at the forefront of my mind, be it this year or the next. However, the only thing I’ll promise to myself this year is to spend more quality time with my family doing very little of nothing. I will stand still in many moments with them and thank God for giving us some time to do that. We will play Eli’s many board games, plant fresh fruits and vegetables in our garden, eat more meals around the table and less around the television, and take some walks after dinner to keep our unit tight and focused on what we do have. It fulfills all of us when we spend that kind of time and it is evidenced by the “love sandwiches” (Eli’s term for a multiple person hug) we give each other before bedtime.

I wish the same for all of you in 2014. Our health, career, and financial goals are a part of our journeys and not going anywhere. What makes reaching them important is the quality of life we live in this moment.

What promises can you make to yourself that will keep you feeling uplifted throughout 2014?


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The Break: 40 Acres and a Mule – THROWBACK!

*Listen in to a round table discussion as KC and the family discuss what the Black community would/should/could do if ever given reparations. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, DJ A-ski, Toria Williams, Mike Eagle, Malcolm Darrell, Tash Moseley, Brother T, Jamila Farwell, and Darius Gray.

*Parental Discretion is advised with this podcast.

Culture Connection: 5 Tips for Tyler Perry

In this episode of Culture Connection, Malcolm finally breaks down and gives Tyler Perry a piece of his mind. This podcast was inspired by the article, “The Madea Minstrel Show“, published in The Daily Beast on December 13th. Listen up and enjoy!

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