The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour (AUDIO)

Join the brothers in the happy hour where we give it to you strong, so it goes down smooth! In this episode we discuss the tight races in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, the conspiracy of New Orleans winning the NBA Draft Lottery, and Dwight Howard’s regret. For comments/questions, email us at or call the hotline at (323) 455-4219! You can also access this podcast via iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

Tracks played: yU – Do You (I’m Gonna); Skyzoo – Parade Me; Ty – Wait A Minute

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour (PODCAST)

Welcome to the first episode of The Brothers Lehman Podcast, with Chris & Jonathan Lehman. We discuss the upcoming games this weekend in the NBA Playoffs, the future of the Chicago Bulls and the Atlanta Hawks, and Jonathan Vilma’s lawsuit against Roger Goodell. Leave your opinions and comments at

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (VIDEO)

When the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. set their mind to a thing, they get it done and it was in 1983 when five members,¬†George Sealy, Alfred Bailey, John Harvey, Oscar Little, and Eddie Madison, developed the idea that would be the greatest undertaking in the fraternities’ history. It took 28 years, but finally last August a statue created by sculptor, Lei Yixin, in the likeness of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, was dedicated on the National Mall in Washington, DC., a location reserved for past presidents of the United States.

Thousands gathered at the National Mall last August for this historic event and to celebrate the greatest posthumous tribute to Dr. King’s life and legacy. Here are a few highlights from that glorious weekend:

Stevie Wonder performs at the MLK Dedication.


Stevie Wonder discusses his visit to the monument.


India Arie performs at the MLK Memorial.


Patti LaBelle performs at the MLK Dedication.


Bernice King speaks during the dedication.


Julian Bond at the MLK Dedication.


Eddie Levert performs at the dedication concert.


Cicely Tyson discusses the unveiling of the memorial.


Al Sharpton at the MLK Memorial.


Diahann Carroll Reflects on the life of Dr. King.


Andrew Young at the MLK Dedication.


President Obama’s speech at the MLK Memorial Dedication.


Thank you Dr. King for your tireless sacrifices! You remain in our hearts and minds every day, for we know we would not have come as far as we have without your efforts!