The Break – Hot Dogs & Netflix

In this episode KC, Chris, Toria, Tash, Leisha, Shelby and The Other Chris discuss whether dinner and a movie is a real date, being creative with dates, and when should a woman pay. Then the group gets into women having power, the messages being fed to women on interacting with men, abortion, power in sexuality, and matching your selection.

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2 Replies to “The Break – Hot Dogs & Netflix”

  1. Great discussion…

    1. Any time you spend OUT with a potential romantic partner (formally) is a DATE.

    2. You should always go Dutch, unless one or the other insists on paying.

    3. Everyone should buy their own drinks. Even if a woman wants a man to buy a drink, it doesn’t mean she’s a gold-digger…she, in most cases, simply feels entitled to it, which no one is.

    4. Men shouldn’t tell women what to do, and women shouldn’t tell men what to do, except for how they, as INDIVIDUALS wish to be treated.

    If women are asking someone like Steve Harvey about how men think, then they are foolish. Not because he’s Steve Harvey, but because no single man is the arbiter of men’s emotional currency. It’s a collective of men with collective experiences. And ONLY men can speak to what a man IS or SHOULD BE. So I think women should engage (platonically) with as many men as possible, even strangers. Since men and women cannot truly be “friends”, they should be social enough to glean from each others experiences.

    I always bristle when, on podcasts centered about the black experiences, starts down the bunny trial of religion/Christianity and such, particularly if that is not the premise or focus of the show, and it’s woefully obvious and/or unclear if the participants have any religious values at all. Not saying they don’t, but that it is uncertain.

    So…it gets weird.

    I’ll give you an example. There are two black women who have shows on Sirius XM, which I enjoy…and they talk about god and religion and even throw out Jesus every now and then, but when they talk about certain matters of the human ethic, they clearly appear to be immoral. Not that they are, but they certainly appear to lack some degree of moral agency. If they hadn’t thrown out the Jesus stuff, no one would even notice. But when you start talking religion, it sets a different expectation…so..nah..

    5. Someone said the men were “reactionary” as oppose to being proactive..which is true, but it’s changing. Men should be self motivated, look out for their own self interest first and be proactively above reproach as much as possible. What this means is that they will find themselves leaving many people, in particular, certain women, behind.

    6. Someone said something about a “post-feminist world”. Not quite yet. Feminism is the course of the day in the West and in diverse places around the world, which is extremely problematic.

    7. Outside of a religious / spiritual context, the talk about abstinence, is boring. Most people, religious or otherwise, are having sex, and doing so at a very young age and by the time they reach their early to mid-30s’s have a sizable N-Count. Being a hoe (woman) or a rake/rakehell (man) has consequences long term as far as pair-bonding is concerned. But again, outside of having a discussion about evolutionary psychology, does it matter to the blackisoneline audience who is likely to be indifferent to the whole thing? Are we all not rolling the dice as it concerns sex and relationships?

    Speaking from a man’s POV, unless they go MGTOW (which is an increasingly viable choice) or become single and celibate, we’re all a part of the whole crap shoot. Women will never lack in the area of their sexual plurality and choices…they just have vet more wisely. Or not.

  2. Thanks PEDAT for listening and for the comments. You brought up some great talking points. I’ll have to share this with the crew.
    I hadn’t heard about MGTOW. That’s interesting. I can see some men going that route and not messing with women as we used to. I agree that the best way for us to learn about the opposite sex is to talk to them. Speak to a variety of people and hear about their personal experiences.

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