The Break – Struggling With Identity

In this episode KC, Chris, Tash, Darius, Leisha, Shelby, Darralynn, Rahda and Malcolm continue their discussion around transgenderism, touching on where your identity lies, and how it is affected by religion, society and genitalia.

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One Reply to “The Break – Struggling With Identity”

  1. Just wanted to say that speaking about the Christian idea of GOD as if that is ALL really made it hard to listen to anything else that Malcolm said.
    To start with, “If you don’t believe in GOD (meaning the Christian idea) … if you are an atheist, if you don’t subscribe to GOD”… Really was so sad to hear yet again.

    We (black people) are of a variety of beliefs and they all deserve respect. If you are Muslim or Jewish you are literally talking about the same god-figure… if you are another faith you still can have principals and beliefs that are worthy of respect.

    And finally to try to wipe over something as strong as literally feeling like you aren’t your true self with some religion based talk is why many people have been running fast from the black church. What it sounds like you are saying is that people should fight internal life long battles with themselves so that they look right in the eyes of other believers…

    that’s simply incorrect thinking

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