The Jam – Ep 15 w/ Selwyn Seyfu Hinds

It’s been a minute! But we’re back! 2015 it’s no games. And what a way to start the year!

Our first guest is Selwyn Seyfu Hinds.  I met this man through a great friend and even though my friend told me he worked at The Source, I didn’t really know that this man was there during my most formative years loving Hip Hop and especially responsible for my opinionated nature!  You have to understand that in the 90s, The Source was literally THE source for Hip Hop. It’s coverage was unmatched with epic covers, and seriously critical analysis of albums. You were in good standing to even get a 3.5 out of 5 mics for your album. Anything above that was an honor.  And if you got a 5?! Man listen…
But aside from that, Selwyn tells us of his upbringing in Guyana, Brooklyn, to Miami, to New Jersey, to New York again.  Through all his travels and culture shocking encounters, he keeps the patience of a saint. His travels and ability to code switch and embrace the unknown allows him to navigate through different territories, including being taken to Park Hill Projects with Wu-Tang Clan, basically being a roadie with them, and then narrowly escaping a beatdown during a time where The Source, Wu Tang, and Junior MAFIA had serious tension.  He only touches on a few stories from his first connection with The Wu, to the night Biggie was killed, to getting chewed out from the likes of Dame Dash and Lauryn Hill. He was also one of the people instrumental to Outkast’s Aquemini getting a 5 mic rating, which hadn’t been done since Illmatic. We clearly have to have him again, so stay tuned for his return with more stories.

Other topics include: Beat Street, The Hip Hop generation gap, The Wawa, and ATLiens vs Aquemini.
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