The Break: Jay-Z & Harry Belafonte (PODCAST)

Listen in as KC and the podcast fam lose it in the case of Jay-Z’s verse in response to Harry Belafonte’s questioning of the Jiggaman’s social activism. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Toria Williams, Arian White, and Mikki Bey! This episode was guest hosted by the one and only MERC80! Enjoy!

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3 Replies to “The Break: Jay-Z & Harry Belafonte (PODCAST)”

  1. Sorry for all of your points y’all said about Jay-z, you kept moving the flags. “He needs to do something outside… and publicize it…” Water for life on MTV 2

    “When did he make a sacrifice”- “Jay-z boycotts grammys because they refuse to televise hip hop( a Black dominated genre) at a time in which Jay-z did not hold the capital that he does now ( his first grammy nomination).

    “He needs to do something for Black people here”-protests the Rockefeller laws- “That was too long ago”

    “It’s about respecting elders”, but it’s okay when Cube disses Jay-Z

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