LA EVENTS: Grand Performances Kicks Off with Mark de Clive-Lowe!

LA Babies, one of our favorite FREE summer events kicks off this Friday in Downtown Los Angeles! Grand Performances, a non-profit organization that brings us free outdoor concerts under the summer sky every Friday and Saturday night through the end of August is kicking off this year’s summer calendar with Mark de Clive-Lowe!

L.A.-based, Japanese New Zealander composer, producer and DJ Mark de Clive-Lowe (MdCL) is no stranger to conceptual performances. Riding in his own musical spaceship of keyboards, drum machines, electronics, and effects, MdCL will be joined by acclaimed musicians Walter Smith III and Jamire Williams (ERIMAJ), improvising a live soundtrack to a big-screen montage of sci-fi movie scenes, interpolated and remixed live by VJ Steve Nalepa – creating a completely original and improvised narrative led by music and soundscapes. Details are as follows:

Grand Performances at the California Plaza

350 S. Grand Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90071


351 S. Olive St | Los Angeles, CA 90071

California Plaza parking rates are $7.50 (cash only) starting 2 hours before evening Grand Performances events. The garage is best accessed from Olive Street between 1st and 4th Streets.

Get there early and bring blankets, sweaters, snacks and beverages! See you there!


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