Congratulations Mr. President!

Last night, Mr. Lehman and I sat with friends at one of our favorite restaurants in our community, Post & Beam and watched election results come in. The collective enthusiasm in the space made the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama that much more exciting. The entire BI family wishes him well on his second term and will continue to support him as he works through one of the toughest social and economic times in our country’s history.

What we can’t ignore is how clearly divided our country remains in 2012. The foundation of inequality on which this country is built remains deeply rooted in the soul of the country itself; the response of some to a Black president in office has made that distinction clear. As much as we like to relegate many of the acts that have made the United States infamous as being in the past, like William Faulker said, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

However, last night’s reelection affirms what most people of color know to be true: collectively we are not the minority, but the majority and together we can make our voices heard. This country, and specifically those that cleave to traditions and beliefs of old have much to consider and adapt to, because times truly are a-changin’.

Congratulations Obama – we still believe in you.


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  1. Congratulations President Obama for getting another 4 years. The pressure has increased, as well as the hatred. Show us why you deserved to be re-elected, and quiet all the doubters.

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