The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour (AUDIO)

Join the brothers in the happy hour where we give it to you strong, so it goes down smooth! In this episode we discuss the tight races in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, the conspiracy of New Orleans winning the NBA Draft Lottery, and Dwight Howard’s regret. For comments/questions, email us at or call the hotline at (323) 455-4219! You can also access this podcast via iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

Tracks played: yU – Do You (I’m Gonna); Skyzoo – Parade Me; Ty – Wait A Minute

3 Replies to “The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour (AUDIO)”

  1. FIRST TIME COMENTOR, LONG TIME LISTENER, LOL. If yall think game 3 or 4 was Miami’s coach fault, what yall think about him after game 5? Oh and the term “Big 3” is meaningless w/o a bench and good coach, when the game gets serious, ei playoff basketball!

    1. I think Spolestra should have played Bosh more down the stretch, after hearing his limit was 25 minutes and he only played 12 minutes. And I still don’t understand why we have NEVER seen a pick and roll with Wade and James. Honestly, I think Boston wanted it more. And I can’t blame Spolestra for that because he’s not on the court. It’s odd that Miami has 2 of the top 5 players in the game om their team, but their mental toughness is always in question. There’s nothing wrong with the term “Big 3”. Miami’s problem is that’s all they are. If their “Super 2” don’t play well, their role players aren’t good enough to carry them for stretches.

  2. Jun18 Hola Dani, como siempre lo prremio felicitarte por el podcast.Lo de continuar la historia, haber si tengo algo de tiempo y te escribo algo, el problema es que estoy en estos momentos muy liado con el curro y no tengo casi tiempo.En la musica casi coincidimos, pero en esta ocasif3n te felicito por el tema final que pusistes de Jean Michel Jarre, del que tengo toda su discografeda, ased ya puedes imaginar lo que me ha gustado que lo pusieras.Te recomiendo un tema de Jean Michel Jarre, Equinoxe del concierto del Houston, para med la mejor interpretacif3n de este tema que ha realizado.

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