The Truth About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (VIDEO)

I recently engaged in a discussion on Facebook regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What disturbed me most about the conversation is how a long time friend of mine practically called me Hitler for the following statement:

“I DESPISE the way Israel refuses to even ‘consider’ ending the occupation & returning even SOME of the stolen land to the Palestinians!”

What disturbed me most about the discussion is how my friend just assumed that because of my stance, I knew nothing about the history of the region. Almost as to suggest that I’ve been bombarded with pro-Palestine propaganda. The voice of Palestine is all but muted in the States. To have any position other than complete support of Israel requires an extensive amount of research!

It took me years of research to draw a conclusion on this matter, but just yesterday a family member emailed me the documentary Occupation 101 that sums up my research in just 90 minutes (yeah, I wasted years of my life when I could have just grabbed a bag of popcorn and sat on the couch).

This film tells the real history of this region from the point of view of Palestinians and Israelis… yes ISRAELIS like Arik Ascherman (so no one can claim bias) who live in the region.

So here is what I ask of you all:

Please find a free 90 minutes to watch this film. I don’t want you to draw any conclusions, create a plan of action, join a “terrorist” organization or any other drastic measure. I just want you to be informed.

Then once you know the truth, spread the word! Post this article on your Facebook page, email it to your family members tweet it, Digg it, Ping it. Let the world know that they’ve been fooled by mainstream media!

Exit Facebook. Turn off the TV. Turn off your phone. Put the children to bed. Dim the lights. Hit play! (Expand to fill screen)

You can also purchase the film here.

For some reason the series above starts at part 2, so I’ve pasted part one below.