Black Is…Dubelyoo The Art Bishop

Born in Brooklyn but raised in North Carolina, Dwayne Wright, aka Dubelyoo (pronounced W) is a world-renowned mixed-media artist and producer. Based out of Atlanta, GA, Dubelyoo began his art career in ad and web design and starting branching out into urban illustration for companies such as Lugz and Ecko. These early projects led to larger commissions from companies like Apple and Pepsi.

In 2004 Dubelyoo collaborated to produce the traveling urban exhibition Art, Beats + Lyrics. Other art shows soon followed, such as Cold Busted, that worked with celebrity mug shots and My Uzi Weighs a Ton, showcase of guns in American culture.

Dubelyoo’s art has been said to provide social commentary, specifically focused on the relationships between corporations, hip-hop culture, and pop culture. His most recent work entitled, social Surveillance, speaks to these relationships while commenting on pop culture and the effect it has on the public.

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