Drake is… a fraud?!

Watch this video:

Now ponder this question: Does Drake lose credibility as an artist because he’s unable to freestyle?

I’ll admit I was a Drake fan and I was let down when I saw this video. Granted, all rappers can’t freestyle. But all rappers don’t go on Flex’s show fronting like they can.

On a funnier note, you can’t see the original without seeing the spoof:

Hay girl signing off.

One Reply to “Drake is… a fraud?!”

  1. 1ST off, Affion is a f**king hilarious genius for ALL his spoofs, especially this one. 2nd, I dont think any less of Drake nor would a call him a fraud, for in-abililty to actuaclly freestyle. Many, and do mean many, rappers don’t actually freestyle. chances are they spittin a written that you or I haven’t heard yet or didn’t get recorded. Drake apparently is not capable of remembering his verses and therefore has to pull his new-age pad(his blackberry). Black Thought, KRS-One, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Will I Am, Super Natural, Rass Kass, and Aceyalone to name a few still REALLY freestyle of the top of the dome. Your new, “hot” rappers of today, probably not! So Drake is still kool in my book, unless I find out he’s not writing his own stuff….

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