Three, (well, 2 and a possible*)

Three, (well, 2 and a possible*) perfect games in the last 30 days, in baseball. Mind you the season just started. Hmmm…

26-year-old Dallas Braden walked onto the mound Sunday May 9th looking for his 18th-carer decision; he walked off of it with the 19th perfect game in MLB history. Braden is just the seventh southpaw to throw a perfect game in MLB history.

Philidelphia Phillies ace Roy Halladay pitched the 20th perfect game in major league history, delivering the marquee performance of his All-Star career in a win over the Florida Marlins on Saturday, May 29th.
We want to say that Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game on Wednesday, June 2nd. But we are not allowed to, technically. A perfect game is facing 27 batters and getting 27 outs — but the fact is that rightly or wrongly, Jason Donald reached first base with two outs in the ninth inning. Galarraga faced 28 batters, not 27, and one of them reached base. He deserved a perfect game; he did not throw a perfect game. I say, it was a perfect game!

Commissioner Bud Selig won’t reverse the umpire’s admitted blown call that cost Tigers pitcher a perfect game. Selig said Thursday in a statement that Major League Baseball will look at expanded replay and umpiring, but didn’t specifically address umpire Jim Joyce’s botched call Wednesday night. A baseball official familiar with the decision confirmed to The Associated Press that the call was not being reversed. WHAT, are you kidding me Bud!!

The real question I have is, are these pitcher really that hot this soon? OR, are the pitchers juicing (using steroids) more? OR, are the batters juicing less? Somebody let me know something!

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