The Jam!

The Jam: Geoff Gillis

Listen in to this week’s episode of The Jam, featuring marketing guru, Geoff Gillis.

The Jam w/ Merc80 – Special Guest Desmond Marzette (Replay)

This week we look back at the first episode of The Jam with special guest Desmond Marzette.

It’s The Jam! Episode 6

In this episode of The Jam, Merc80 talks with special guest, DJ A-Ski!

It’s The Jam! Episode 5

Listen to episode 5 of The Jam with special guest, Zo!

The Jam w/ Merc 80 –

Merc80 has special guest Jesse Fairfax from Go In Radio discussing his jams with the family on this week’s episode!

It’s THE JAM! Dilla All Day…

Welcome back to The Jam!
On this episode we discuss the legendary J Dilla. One of the illest musicians, who led the charge of great Hip Hop music from Detroit. Since his passing in 2006, Dilla has also been a bit of a polarizing figure since many people feel he is being praised a bit too much. We discuss our favorite Dilla tracks/beats, the politics of music, and the “what ifs”.
Other topics include: The Soulquarians, how Dilla can help you find a soulmate, the physics of Funk, Napster, and how to appreciate creativity.

THE JAM (Podcast)

It’s another episode of THE JAM with special guests, Nola Darling!

Introducing THE JAM! (Podcast)

Introducing the first NEW podcast series for 2014, THE JAM, hosted by Merc80!