Love & Relationships

10 Minute Break: Marriage and The Dating Game

Listen in as KC and the family share their views on marriage and relationships. Guests for this podcast are editor-in-chief of Sickly Cat Magazine, John Byrd III, and talent manager, Tash Moseley.

BLACKis ONLINE: Sickly Cat

Bookmark this site immediately. was brought to my attention by John Byrd and Dr. Wayne Byrd, two brothers I attended both junior high school and church with.  The site offers plenty of good information, but what I love most are the podcasts they offer in the Lifestyle section.

Chris and I listened to “Top Ten Things Men Say is not Cheating” , and it sparked laughs and good convo. Check it out, chime in, and move on to Part II.

Furthermore, let us know whether you agree or disagree with the men and women of Sickly Cat? What qualifies as cheating? What doesn’t?