In & Around LA

KC’s Corner: Recap of LA’s 1st Annual Natural Hair Expo (PODCAST)

Listen in as KC recaps her experience at Los Angeles’ 1st Annual Natural Hair Expo!

LIVE PODCAST: The Verdict Is In – Now What?

Join the Black Is family for a LIVE podcast this Friday, July 19th at 8 PM PST! Also join the Black Life Matters organization for a peaceful protest in the valley this evening at 6 pm!

Culture Connection: A Chat With Ken Billups

Listen in as Malcolm chats with Los Angeles community leader, Ken Billups!

Culture Connection: A Heartfelt Thanks

Listen in as Brother Malcolm expresses his gratitude for your support of Culture Connection!

Culture Connection: Summer 2013 Preview!

Pull out your calendar as you get a preview of events coming to Los Angeles in summer 2013!

Reverend in the Raw

Listen in to Part II of John Wood’s interview with Pastor Bobby Winters, Jr.!

Reverend in the Raw

Check out our new segment, Reverend in the Raw, hosted by John Wood!

The Break: Christopher Dorner (PODCAST)

Listen in as KC and the podcast crew discuss Christopher Dorner. Was he a mad man or just a man driven to the edge?

Culture Connection: Kai Pineda

Listen in to this episode of Culture Connection as Malcolm talks to gospel music sensation, Kai Pineda!