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The Break – Straight Outta Compton

In this episode The Black Is crew discuss the film Straight Outta Compton, growing up in Los Angeles, gangsters vs villains, Eazy-E being a revolutionary, glorification vs identification and more. Twitter: @BLACKISONLINE; Facebook: Black Is Magazine; Email:; Hotline: (323) 455-4219.

Turn My Headphones Up – No. 6 (’94 Hip Hop)

In this episode it’s all about hip-hop joints that came out in 1994.

The Jam – Ep 17 w/ J*Davey

On this episode of The Jam we get reacquainted with Brook D’Leau and Miss Jack Davey aka J*Davey.

The Break – The Issue of Color, Part 2

The Black Is crew continue their discussion on the issue of color, including skin colors being “in season”, finding a dark skin pop star and color issues within families.

The Jam – EP 16 w/ DJ Monalisa Murray

In this episode of The Jam, Merc80 sits down with DJ Monlisa Murray, who he calls the “Patron Saint of Music”.

The Jam – Ep 15 w/ Selwyn Seyfu Hinds

Merc80 is back with the first episode of The Jam for 2015! In this episode he sits down with Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, former editor of The Source magazine.

The Break – Black Messiah

The Black Is crew talk about D’Angelo and his album Black Messiah.

Turn My Headphones Up – No. 5

The Southern Drawl’d Angelino slows things down a bit in this episode. Tracklisting can be found on the show page at

Turn My Headphones Up – No. 4

It’s been a minute, but Chris is back with another episode of Turn My Headphones Up, where it’s all about the music!

The Jam! – Ep 14 w/ Jimetta Rose

On this episode of The Jam we have the universal homegirl, Jimetta Rose. We talk about growing up and surviving in Los Angeles, jazz music, programming through entertainment and more!