T was under the weather so listen in as KC is joined by Kai Love and Letitia, the ladies of The Pisces Life podcast for part one of a two-part discussion! Topics include influential “brown girls”, domestic violence, and abuse in relationships.


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2 comments on The Brown Girl Hour

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh yeah this is true. I’m in love with a Capricorn and I had Leo girlfriends but they all didn’t work out. Libras I like them but I cludon’t be in a relationship with one. She is too social. I like aquarius but its not enough for me. Cancers I love them too but those chicks get a Lil crazy. My Aries girl was ok but she didn’t last long enough. I cant stand a Pices, Gemnis, or Sagitarius. I haven’t had a Tarius, Scorpio or another Virgo yet..

    1. Lisa says:

      Aww, why don’t you like Pisces?? We are soo misunderstood. Lol.

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