Once again, it’s The Jam!
This episode we have music writer and my “new-old” friend Jesse Fairfax. He’s been a writer for Hip Hop DX for a few years now. He’s interviewed some great artists and also maintains his own podcast, GoInRadio.com.  Jesse is the fiancé of one of my good friends. Once he heard the 1st episode of The Jam he hit me up to get on an episode too, and it was nothing for a playa to say OK!  In this episode we talk to Jesse about his transition as a New Yorker to Los Angeles, how the blogging/journalism world works, and about his podcast being his virtual therapist couch. He also wanted to be sure we talk about songs that he feels need to be “retired” from DJ sets.  We had a great lively discussion on that, as well as the two jams we played on this episode.
Other topics include The Black Spirit of a jam, E-40, Friday, stereotypes of the East and West Coast, Montell Jordan, wedding songs, Montell Jordan again, and how NOT to approach a writer to review your music.  Listen and enjoy!


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