In this episode we discuss the NBA playoff picture, the Lakers getting into the playoffs, Ibaka taking out Griffin’s nuts, Magic’s $1M offer to LeBron to be in the dunk contest, Howard dissing his former teammates, questions being asked at the NFL combine, Brady taking less money, Flacco becoming highest paid player, Vince Young trying to get back into the NFL, Mike Trout being underpaid, the Big East breakup, and the issue of storming the court.

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Music: Harmonic 313 – Lion; Sean Price – Bar-Barian; The Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door

3 comments on The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

  1. Mr. CEO says:

    loving the BIGGIE joint! #RIPBIG

    Jonathan, what’s that you were sayin about the Bulls? take that L buddy!

  2. CLehman says:

    Had to play some BIG. That’s one of my favorites.

    His Bulls not looking that good right now.

  3. Mr. CEO says:

    121 – 79 against the Kings tonight! Da’ BULLS…shit! hahahahaha

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