Month: July 2012

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

This week in the Happy Hour the Brothers speak on the Penn State sanctions, status of Dwight Howard, Boston Cetics’s great offseason, NFL season right around the corner, and another What The!!! segment highlighting the recent DWIs. Thanks for listening. Contact us: Twitter: @BrothersLehman; Email:; Hotline: (323) 455-4219

Culture Connection: August Wilson

Listen in as Brother Malcolm gives a brief history lesson about one of the most influential playwrights of our time, August Wilson.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

In this episode the Brothers break down whether the 2012 Olympic team can beat the Dream Team. We also speak on NBA free agency, Drew Brees’s big payday, the MLB All Star game deciding home field in the World Series, and the Freeh report findings at Penn State. Email:; Twitter: @BrothersLehman; Hotline: (323) 455-4219

Convos With Craig: Words Never Spoken (AUDIO)

Listen in as KC chats with author and BI friend, Craig Stewart about his new memoir, Words Never Spoken.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

It’s all about NBA free agency in the Happy Hour! We discuss the moves made so far and all the money being thrown around. Email:; Twitter: @BrothersLehman; Hotline: (323) 455-4219

Podcasting:The New FM Radio (PODCAST)

Have you ever wondered how your favorite podcasters got started with their shows? We did to!

Culture Connection: Cultural Appreciation

Listen in as Brother Malcolm challenges us to be more mindful of free cultural events around the city.

The Brothers Lehman Sports Happy Hour

The Brothers Lehman recap the NBA Draft, discuss LeBron James’s place among the greats, and the new four team playoff in college football. Demetrius Harris, an ESPN producer, is the special guest in the happy hour. Twitter: @BrothersLehman; Email:; Hotline: (323) 455-4219