Join KC and the family as they discuss the book-turned-film, Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man and whether or not that dating advice is applicable to modern-day Black singles. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, Toria Williams, and Darius Gray.

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3 comments on PODCAST: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

  1. ldy says:

    i do tell men i need them, i do not throw it in their face that i am independent. the problem is the men want to sleep with me more than they want to create a healthy relationship. they come at it with sex first. and for that reason, i am single. the guy in this podcast, what is his relationship status???

    1. Yoe says:

      Ooops, I see your new picture has aldaery been the source of some haggling and word spilling*, so consider my comments in the above spot superfluous. Although I should note I was speaking about your new photo to the left of your minibio and not the one in the pajamas (which is still pretty damned cool). My favorite is still the one where you’re looking to the right and smirking all sexy-like**…come to think of it, how very appropriate. Ok, I have to ask- were those pearls real? And what color was the dress? And where’s the rest of the picture?*- No, I will not make a joke here. Even I can’t stoop that low. **- I know, you can’t say those things. And yet, I’m not sorry.

  2. Coach Adams says:

    Sister you did right dating is a one step at a time process.Sex is way down the line,a long way.Also if he wants to skip the process then let him go he’ll come or call again.I say that cause guys don’t want one night stands for a wife cause he knows that person is not special and he’s not the first guy to sleep with her.Stay Strong.

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