Listen in as KC and the family discuss the Air Jordans and the impact of consumerism on the Black community. Podcast guests include Mr. CEO, Toria Williams, John Wood,  and Porsche Taylor. This episode also includes a special guest segment with Mr. Moody of the My Next Door Neighbor social network. Enjoy!

2 comments on PODCAST – Jordans: The Impact of a Sneaker on a Generation

  1. okgma says:

    Personally, I have never bought into buying TENNIS SHOES, for the amount of money that is being charged for them. The black american, needs to understand that we are the targeted market, however, we are still being discriminated against in a variety of ways. If saddens me to listen to young people who cannot put together a decent sentence, or spell every word in that sentence correctly, but if you look at what they are wearing, there outfit can cost someone a whole weeks pay, or worse, their life. And they have no remorse. Parents, need to wake up and give their children, the ability to understand, clothes do not make the man or woman, for that matter.
    And I like to look good.

    Who is the FOOL?

  2. Cristina says:

    I saw all your I saw all your movies.A truly bizar tcellcoion! I had a lot of them back in 87/91. I only miss the 88 air revolution.I’m truly jealous of your 3 pairs of og 89 flight highs (I recently bought mint white/blues) and og 89 flight low white/blue (had them..)These were the ultimate basketball shoe nike ever produced.One Question; where do you get them from??. I mean, these are ver y, very hard to find, especialy misb never worn.You must be a very happy man!

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