Join KC and the family as they discuss the “N” word and its usage within and outside of the Black community. Podcast guests include John Byrd III of Sickly Cat MagazineMike EagleTash Moseley, Toria Williams, Chris Lehman, Stacee Brewer, Martine Waters, and Dino Black.

5 comments on PODCAST: The “N” Word

  1. Shon Lewis says:

    Im going to start listening to this podcast it’s interesting and insightful

  2. A little heavy on the profanity…but a good conversation.

    1. Larry says:

      Ms. Marvalus – Did your mom play records on tatrnuble those Saturday mornings? Or were you a family with an 8-track tape at the house? (smile)Teach – I’ll be over after you post your MM post. Probably after the NY Giants put a whoopin’ on the NE Patriots!

  3. Soleh says:

    Oh, I’m first!Well, I grew up on this music, and I’m so thankful…I bring my son up on this kinda music sucaebe music these days is just BAD!I remember Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes…my mother loved The O’Jays…woo, I could recite to you the words from almost every O’Jays song! Especially “You Got Your Hooks In Me”…mmm, mmm, mmm…cleaning up the house on Saturday morning…I knew it was time to get up when I heard the opening chords of that song…LOL

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