Join KC and the family as they discuss the term “biracial” and its impact, if any, on the Black community. Podcast guests include John Wood, Mr. CEO, Leisha Mack, Dino Black, and Darius Gray.

2 comments on PODCAST: Is the term ‘biracial’ offensive?

  1. Jamara Newell says:

    Not it isn’t offensive it is just a silly term. For black – white mixes I prefer mulatto or octoroon or whatever’s accurate.

  2. Maria says:

    I wouldn’t consider it offensive either, but I am not sure if it is accurate. As the first speaker in the podcast said, his father told him he was neither black nor white. He is probably brown, or mulatto, or coloured. It is a different experience itself I’m sure, because as the speakers say, they don’t really fit perfectly well in either group, and culturally they have their own which is made of bits of both. Whenever you say mulatto or brown you understand it’s been the combination of black and white. There is also Eurasian, Blackasian, many other combinations and calling them all “biracial” is just not explaining who they are.
    You will see this more clearly in time when americans get even more mixed up, there won’t even be need for these labels. I’m a latina, and 200 years ago yes, we had the terms mulatto, octoroon and a wide array of options for those who could trace the exact portions that made up their blood. Then there was the indigenous component added to that as well.. how could you label then? Nowadays we are just all latinos, some a bit darker, some a bit more indigenous, but we all share the same culture which is what really determines which group you fit in.

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