Listen in as KC and the family discuss the issue of homosexuality in the Black church. Podcast guests include Chris Lehman, John Byrd of Sickly Cat Magazine, Tash Moseley, Je Lewis, Malcolm Darrell, Toria Williams and Stacee Brewer.

5 comments on 10 Minute Break: Homosexuality in the Black Church

  1. I sound like a straight biggot in this podcast.

    1. kclehman says:

      You definitely have a strong opinion on the topic.

  2. kclehman says:


  3. Mr. CEO says:

    that quote “right now, I believe in spirit…” was very real and deep to me. I mean, I have faith and belief in my LORD, JESUS CHRIST, but am I always fighting within myself on if I have religion.

  4. kclehman says:

    I feel you. I question so many different aspects of Christianity (including why we can’t question it) and though I know faith plays a big part, sometimes I feel it’s misused as well. What I did get from this podcast (and the one with John and Malcolm before) is that I need to study my bible to have a greater understanding. I’m not as well read in it as I should be.

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