J Dilla

The Jam! – Ep 13 w/ Jesse Fairfax

In this episode of The Jam! Jesse Fairfax of Go In Radio is back to chop it up with Merc80. They talk about R&B music, “White Jams”, marriage and more.

It’s THE JAM! Dilla All Day…

Welcome back to The Jam!
On this episode we discuss the legendary J Dilla. One of the illest musicians, who led the charge of great Hip Hop music from Detroit. Since his passing in 2006, Dilla has also been a bit of a polarizing figure since many people feel he is being praised a bit too much. We discuss our favorite Dilla tracks/beats, the politics of music, and the “what ifs”.
Other topics include: The Soulquarians, how Dilla can help you find a soulmate, the physics of Funk, Napster, and how to appreciate creativity.

The Break w/ The Lion & The Ram – Leave The H Alone

KC and Chris talk about Philip Seymour Hoffman, an unnecessary boxing match, J Dilla and more in The Break.